OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – The Oil & Gas industry is plagued by many problems and challenges, but the most costly and prohibitive factor any operator faces is water.  The fluid which makes everything on Earth work, is the fly in the ointment of every well drilled in any region of the world.  If there is water, there is more money needed to make the well produce effectively.

Magentronical Engineering, a small design and engineering firm in Pauls Valley, OK has possibly come up with the answer to deal with water in any reservoir, oil or gas, in any field on the planet.  Magnetronical Engineering specializes in work with magnetic field theory and magnetic solutions.  They have several patents on magnetic technologies dealing with everything from household fridge magnets to magnetic train docking hardware in Japan.  The company recently patented a fluid pump drive system, dubbed the MATMI (Magnetic Attraction Through Molecular Inversion), which uses magnetic fields to draw oil out of a well and leave the water in place.

Sherman Inklibby
Sherman Inklibby

We have a system that will revolutionize the way everyone produces oil.  By using nanotechnical magnetic field manipulation and a proper reservoir additive, we can selectively produce water or oil, depending on your scenario.  If you want to desiccate a reservoir, pump out all of the water.  If you want to leave the water there and simply produce the oil, change additives. – Sherman Inklibby Chief Design Engineer


Lab work on fluid additive properties, located in Mumbai
Lab work on fluid additive properties, located in Mumbai

The somewhat costly technology uses a variety of metallic mud additives, similar to metal filings from a workshop.  The choice of additive depends on what fluid is to be produced.  The correct additives are pumped into the reservoir until there is a satisfactory saturation of the fluids in place.

The reservoir is then charged with a pulse much like a taser, through a special down hole tool provided by Magnetronical.  The charge activates the particulates in place and they begin to adhere to the fluid they were designed to target.  OKL-98-q will adhere to light oil, where UG-98-d adheres to heavy oil, and FG3-H7 is used to adhere to water molecules.  Once the reservoir and the particles in it have been activated by the electro-nano-shock, a special pump and tubing is run to produce the particle saturated fluid.  Depending on the application and the choice of particulates, the pump is again electrified and the particles are drawn selectively out of solution, with the targeted fluid, and produced to surface, leaving the unwanted fluid in the reservoir.

Ralph Nudjbum
Ralph Nujbum at a conference in Dallas

This form of elector-magnetic production will revolutionize the way we produce our fields.  If it works the way they say it will, we here at Cheaterson will be doubling our reserves by next year. – Ralph Nujbum, Media Relations at Cheaterson Energy, Oklahoma City



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