HOUSTON, Texas – No oil show in the world is as big as the Indoor Oil & Gas Tech Blowout in Houston.  There is rarely this much technology of any kind in any time at any spot on earth.  This year’s expo has been a wonderous display of drilling technology, environmental design, and completion procedures.

One of the biggest draws at this year’s show, however, was Scumburger’s new ZR-GHA logging tool.  Claimed to reveal all the “quirks and nuances” of any reservoir, it has been heralded as the “One tool to do it all” by many petrophysicists.  The tool was debuted in an oil and gas magazine earlier in the year, but few details were given about what it actually does.  Now that the tool has been released for opinion and sales at the trade show, it is readily apparent the tool’s purpose and features escape the brilliant technical editors here at Calgary-based 2P News.

ZR woman
Janice Tokphuk, Spendthrift Energy

Well, we ran the tool in 5 of our deep Subeemo Sand wells in Iowa.  The FJY readings were good, and the Scumburger guys really liked the fact that their YH-9 sensors were reading all over the 350 average.  They did up a nice little report for us explaining that 4 of the 5 wells were good, and we are happy with that.  You’d have to talk to Jimmy at Scumburger to get more details.  But to me, it was money well spent. – Janice Tokphuk, Spendthrift Energy

Ray Burns, CVEOP, North American Petrophysical Society

A panel from the North American Petrophysical Society has also studied the new ZR-GHA tool in depth, and their findings are quite interesting.  It appears that the tool has a very low threshold for Zeon radiation, but will work fine in both sugar and salt mud systems.  The 12-sensor array on the top 1/3 of the assembly is shielded from most kinds of X-ray radiation, and there is a small bubble level in the bottom of the tool just in case.

An array of particles is emitted from the tools Nok-Down ports, and when a critical mass is reached, the 1/2-life decay rates of particles at the wells surface can be read to be normal, if there is no contamination from solar flares.  The most important part of the panel’s finding however, is that it was wholly and completely funded by Scumburger.

ZRprocessor shack
Part of the ZR-GHA diagnostic shack moved to location

The ZR-GHA tools is currently being offered, complete with specialized crews, for a daily rate of $50,000US  or $760,000 Bitcoin.  The tool’s ability to delineate and quantify reservoir characteristics previously unheard of is the largest factor to its inordinately high cost.  The other is the crew of 7 Scumberger staff that must be present to operate and decode the tool’s information in a timely fashion.

We have very, very special crews out there to run this new tech.  Processing, quality control, and of course some DGF technicians need to be there to make sure the client gets what they pay for.  – Nolan Juut, Sales Chief, Scumburger



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