CBS TELEVISION CITY, Los Angeles – Alison Redford, the former top-dog for the Province of Alberta, is finding unique ways to fill her newly-found and very abundant free time. On the more unusual side of filling this time, the former premier recently appeared on CBS’s world renown The Price is Right game show.

The show’s producers hand-picked Mrs. Redford for a special anniversary airing of the popular show in an effort to boost ratings, but even they were surprised with how events unfolded during the 1-hour game show.

After making her way to Contestants’ Row for the One Bid segment that kicks off the show, the item up for bid was a white Maytag washer and dryer set. Being first to bid, Alison Redford, without flinching blurted out, “$53,750” – much to the surprise of host Drew Carey and the studio audience. The other 3 contestants, dumbfounded by Redford’s bid, were speechless, and were therefore eliminated from the contest since they did not secure a bid.

drew carey
Drew Carey, Host

In my head, I was thinking WTF? $53,750 for a washer and dryer combo? She must be on something. I realize that taxes are higher in Canada and Canadians have a great healthcare program, but taxes can’t be so high up north to make a washer and dryer cost over 50 grand. And to think that she won that One Bid round is mind boggling. – Drew Carey

When Alison was called up to one of the show’s 2 Pricing Games, she had to estimate the price of a leather attache case; her guess: $7,899. When asked by the host, on live TV, if she thought that $8,ooo was a bit much for a briefcase, she replied, “Well, that’s how much was the one I expensed for my trip to Mandela’s funeral.” Despite not winning the attache case, Mrs. Redford was still eligible for the Showcase Showdown, and that is indeed where she was headed next.

In the program’s tension-filled Showcase Showdown, Alison Redford was up against Mobile, Alabama’s Wendy Hickson, who had already won a trip Jamaica, $25,000 cash, and a brand new car. Wendy had dibs on the showcase with the 25-foot camper, so the showcase with the 3 one-week trips – one to Mexico, one to the French Alps, and one to Singapore – defaulted to Alison. When host Drew Carey asked Alison for her bid, she replied with, “$795,999” – the studio audience went completely silent, the host chortled.

After regaining his composure, Drew Carey asked her to confirm her bid. That’s when she asked if that included costs associated with taking her daughter’s friend and 2 of her aides. When Drew replied “no”, Alison revised her bid down to $640,750. Needless to say, Alison Redford had overbid and did not win the Showcase Showdown.

Rick Jofferyson

It was very clear to me and the other producers that Mrs. Redford was completely out of touch with how much everyday things cost. To think that she thought over $640,000 was a reasonable cost for three 1-week trips is absurd. That doesn’t even make any sense? You’d think that she was used to spending other peoples’ money. And she looked so sad and a bit angry, as if she just lost her job or something. – Rick Jofferyson, Executive Producer


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