DETROIT, Michigan – The wave of environmentally responsible, green, and alternative modes of transportation is growing in leaps and bounds.  Every day a new technology or development comes to light in our search for clean, renewable, and effective energy.

A significant push over the past year to move CNG vehicles to the forefront seems to have stumbled over an unforeseen danger.

A study of the 10,000 vehicles, both commercial and civilian, was tallied up in tears last week when it was discovered that more than 50% of the vehicles had been written off in accidents due to the drivers falling asleep.

union bossWe set out to design a perfect car for moving families and commuters alike.  We put sound deadening in the cars, better glass, nicer leather, and of course the new CNG motor systems.  But with a decibel level in the car below 2 dB, we had no idea people would just fall asleep on the road.  Thank God for our advanced safety and airbag designs saving all these people from harm. – Dennis Wothoowsky, Ford Motor Company CNG Division Manager

The cars and commercial trucks developed by Ford, GM, and Volvo were all fitted to be better and more efficient vehicles. The engines were designed as a rotary 3 cylinder with carbon fiber and rubber internals to dampen sound, while everything in the car was fabric mounted to avoid vibration and exterior noise.  The cars were so quiet that after an accident, the drivers had to be woken up by emergency personnel on scene.

Chet Frikle, EMT
Chet Frikle, EMT

We had to wake the drivers and passenger up at both incidents.  We thought they were hurt, but they were still asleep.  These cars are so comfortable and quiet that even in an accident where the vehicle left to road and rolled a few times they were content to slumber away.  Amazing – Chet Frikle, EMT, New Denver Rescue

While Ford and GM have ventured heavily into the CNG arena, it seems that last week’s report has also unveiled which of the industry’s natural gas producers were involved with development.  Several of the largest operators dealing with natural gas saw shares tumble on news that CNG could be dangerous if developed as planned.  Shall Oil, Cheaterson Energy, and Finite Resources all saw shares plummet more that 20%, with leaders like Enkarma and British Oil seeing drops of over 40%.  This level of share devaluation is sure to trigger cost cutting in this major PNG operators, as well as scaled back field development in gas rich areas like Marcellus and Eagleford.



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