Happy man carrying portable LNG pressurized container

CALGARY, Alberta – Breaking news this morning as a group of Calgary-based oil and gas companies announce details of a viable business plan to move LNG to energy-starved nations in Europe.

The consortium of companies includes 3 world class producers GeoGas Oil, Hammacher Energy, and Bendovus, as well as several junior players including the likes of Finite Resources and TNA Exploration.  Moving gas to Europe has been deemed unrealistic and dismissed by the federal Liberal government, but this proposal seeks to initiate immediate and substantial movement of LNG to European nations with no changes to existing infrastructure.

The business model simply requires LNG to be transported in pressurized carbon fibre containers, the same as those used for SCUBA and even paintball applications, by worldwide shipping dominatrix Amazon.

James Freedman

“We can move trillions of cubic feet of LNG by utilizing Amazon’s existing network of next day and immediate shipping.  If they can get widgets and wadgets from China to Buenos Aires, Argentina overnight, we can move unprecedented volumes of LNG to Europe lickity split.   It’s a win-win for everyone except for that unicorn-mounted princess in Ottawa with the Lloyd Christmas haircut.” – James Freedman, GeoGas CEO

There are several facilities in place in western Canada prepared to convert or newly manufacture containers for the LNG in many shapes and volumes.  Recycling will be a large part of the process and will also see advancements to re-use plastics into the process, reducing waste and landfill volumes in several large cities.

The proposal will be officially delivered to Amazon by the end of the day today, with negotiations hopefully wrapped up before the end of the weekend so shipments can start as early as Halloween.

The head of the consortium of gas producers, James Freedman, believe that if volumes moved by Amazon cannot keep up to demand in Europe, then the next step is to attempt to have LPG transported by individuals travelling by air from western Canada to Europe by plane, using special 2L-sized pressurized containers or repurposed fire extinguishers in their checked-in luggage.


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