EDMONTON, Alberta – To add insult to the injury that Alison Redford has caused the hard-working Albertan taxpayers during her relatively short stint in office, The Wildrose party found proof she has been double dipping. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act report that Redford continues to receive her Premier’s base salary of $325,000 per year on top of her $140,000 MLA base salary. To this day.

Mrs. Redford could not be contacted for comment, but her former aide believes that as far as he knows,  his former boss was not aware of a salary double-dip.

Brad Milphlovar
Brad Milphlovar

There is no way that Ali would have knowingly received two salaries while doing only one job. No way. She was a professional politician with gobs of integrity!  And she’s some kind of lawyer to boot.  There is no way she’d do that! But I do recall her telling me that she was shocked to see how much MLAs were making nowadays . – Brad Milphlovar, former aide to the Alberta Premier’s office

According to the report, a new Google-based antivirus program caused a slip stepping page glitch in the government’s payroll software. This glitch made it possible for her direct deposit paycheques to continue after her employment terminated on her last day of work in the Premier’s Office.

The Alberta Taxpayers Federation is fuming over this new finding, and the volunteer group is pushing to have this double-salary issue corrected as soon as possible and demands that Redford repay every penny that she was overpaid. Even if it means she has to raid a safe in one of her beach houses, or her estate just north of Toronto.

Political Salary Critic with the official Wildrose opposition called Redford out on her claims of ignorance, stating it is impossible for anybody to not realize that he or she was receiving a double salary. Especially with the dollar amount she has been receiving.

Redford on a beach somewhere, picture compiled from theoretical data based on her last know location
Redford on a beach somewhere, picture compiled from theoretical data based on her last know location

We have made a number of unsuccessful attempts to contact Alison Redford. The message on her mobile cellular radio telephone indicates that she is in Bora Bora and has been there for the past 3 months. Not watching her bank accounts apparently.  Funny thing though, a source we have used from time to time says the money keeps disappearing shortly after it gets deposited.  Someone is getting rich on a beach somewhere.  – Blair Condo, political critic

On an related note, interim Premier Hancock reported that he has not received any paycheques ever since resigning from his MLA position and taking office. In an interview with SeeTV News, he told reporters that he thought his salary was fair compensation considering what little skills he brought to the role of premier of Alberta.


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