CALGARY, Alberta – The recent debate over license plates in Alberta has online opinion polls roaring with input.  Many Alberta residents wish to weigh in on the plans to change the plates from the current red letter, Wildrose Country design.

While many people are submitting their personal ideas for plates, some are against the plan all together, citing their provincial identities and history as reasons to leave the plates alone.

Joe Ridgebok

I have been driving in Alberta for 86 years, and I’ve seen the old yellow plates and now the white and red ones.  Leave them alone!  Those damn yellow plates were way to flashy, no wonder the communists hated us so much – Thinking we were showing off I bet!  These white and red plates are simple, like life on the farm.  I might just move to Saskatchewan if they gussy them up again. – Joe Ridgebok, retired farmer from Vermillion County, 104 years old

While some share Mr. Ridgebok’s sentiments, many just want their say in a new design.  We have been taking stock of the submissions for the last couple of weeks, and have rounded up what we thought were the best ideas so far.

Below is the 2P News team’s top twenty list of ideas for Alberta’s new license plate slogan:

  1. Harper’s Homeland
  2. We Drill It You Spill It
  3. Please take our Nickleback
  4. The Rich Province
  5. Hoarding Oil Since 1902
  6. Brought to you by Suncor
  7. Pretty Soon We’ll Buy Ontario
  8. North Texas
  9. Home of the No-Prius guarantee
  10. King Ralph’s Kingdom
  11. 3,435 Kms west of Suck
  12. Paying for Quebec since 1967
  13. Frac Ontario
  14. Oilsands For Life
  15. Brought to you by Encana
  16. Working harder than BC since 1974
  17. Neufies Welcome, bring lobster
  18. Frac Quebec
  19. Take Alison, PLEASE
  20. Oh, You’re Welcome

We know that many of these are not exactly feasible, or appropriate, but we thought they expressed what Albertan’s are feeling.  We hope that a few of the ideas make the final list, but we are not hopeful.  With people like Thomas Lukaszuk actually making it further into provincial politics, our faith has been shaken in our government’s ability to do anything right.

<Note from the editor: Feel free to suggest your own ideas below. Cheers.>



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