Purple Nenshers.  YYC's iconic Mayor
Purple Nenshers. YYC’s iconic Mayor

CALGARY, Alberta – Calgary’s Mayor is much loved and praised by all.  Criticism usually falls to the short term and there are no long-standing complaints about The Man other than his constant choice of purple suits. In 2013, Mayor Nenshi caught much flak for implementing a dress code for those working in Calgary’s downtown core.

A volunteer organization in Calgary has begun a clothing donation drive in an effort to provide Mayor Nenshi with alternatives to his classic eggplant ensemble.

Willimena Fridgit, ready for the challenge

We felt like this was something we could do to help him out.  Obviously, his salary does not afford him the luxury of new clothing, or he would surely have a change by now.  We hope we can collect a few hundred outfits for him to choose from. We are looking for colours that bring out his features.  White, red, a little blue and even some razzly sparkles would be nice. Black or dark brown patent shoes as well, size 7 1/2.

Anything that is left after our pick through will be donated to local charities and support groups. – Willimena Fridgit, drive organizer

The drive will comprise 3 moving trucks and about 50 volunteers canvassing door-to-door in elite neighbourhoods such as Church Ranches and Bearspaw.  Similar drives will be done by phone and social media, but they are not expected to bring the volume as the face-to-face collections.

By targeting classier, upper-scale neighbourhoods the drive hopes it can get at least a few design brand name outfits to appease our shoddily clothed leader, whose current vendor of choice, Joe Fresh, is moving away from purple for next season.

Starting on September 15th, 2014 the drive will run for roughly 3 weeks, and based on the number of donations it may become a recurring event in the area, again to ensure Calgary’s top politician is well kept in the latest styles.

While many applaud the intentions of the program, some opponents would rather the time and effort be spent elsewhere, citing the Mayor’s salary and style needs are already appropriate for a civil employee.

Redford.jpgI dont see the need to give him all this nice stuff, and it almost smacks of a scandal.  He has nice enough clothes already, it’s not like he’s the premier or something.  That position is far more public and there needs to be an elite public appearance to go with it. – Alison Redford, speaking to 2P News from her new job at the Arby’s location at Commonwealth Stadium

Mayor Nenshi could not be reached for comment, but his personal stylist, Gaylen Bachdor, was elated to learn that he will inherit his boss’ old threads.


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