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CALGARY, Alberta – The absurd and crazy will never cease to end in this world.  In a surprise move by Cenovus Energy (aka Bendovus), an advertising banner mysteriously appeared on the subjectively popular oil and gas misinformation blog, 2P News. (Our blog, yes, this one – we are this vain.)

The ad was placed by an anonymous caller with a credit card registered to Cenovus’ Drilling and Completions Department.  While the authenticity of the caller has been called into question, it is obvious that the employees and shareholders of Cenovus Energy love what 2P News has to say, and are more than able to take the good-natured prodding with a grain of humuorous salt.

The 2P News office received the ad information and payment, and we couldn’t believe it was real. We never though in a million years of geological history we could get a sponsor like that for our little rickety ol’ website.  Our readers should be ecstatic because this means we can write for another 10 years without having to shut down for insufficient capital.

Thank you Cenovus!  2P News sincerely appreciates the support!  (All $0.01 per click of it!)

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The 2P News home page with its new sponsor.
“2P News – brought to you by Cenovus Energy” (yikes!)



  1. You’re saying that Bendovus is a fake company but Cenovus is real? You should have saved this one for April Fool’s day. You guys are a riot!


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