CALGARY, Alberta – Bent Pipe Services in Calgary has announced its latest MWD technology, dubbed the PWW, or Pipe With Wires.  The new PWW tool has been touted throughout its development as the saving grace of MWD technologies.  It promises optimal reliability by reducing the need for sleepy field MWD engineers to wake up and troubleshoot the tool.

The brand new technology can be accessed by a built-in wifi transmitter that uses regional cellular service.  The secret to the tool’s inner workings are all but top secret, however Bent Pipe has guaranteed it has more wires per inch than its competitors.

Peter Sailsdooshe, Bent Pipe Sales Manager
Peter Sailsdooshe, Bent Pipe Sales Manager

I can’t tell you how it works, partly because I don’t know, but mostly because I don’t really care.  What I can tell you is that it works and it works extremely well.  We used more wires per inch than our competition, guaranteeing you more copper per dollar value than anyone else.  And that ratio is what drives our PWW tool to success. – Peter Sailsdooshe, Bent Pipe Sales

The tool operates on a 3-phase sinusoidal wave frequency not previously utilized for this type of data transmission.  Data is transmitted through the earth by CraDrine Carrier Wavelets optimized by Derivative 4th-order Binomial methods involving ducks.  (Yes, ducks.  We don’t get it either).

From what 2P News can gather from the company’s promotional pamphlet, the signal-to-noise ratio is high enough that near zero communication failures or data loss are expected.  Specialists from Fenicks Directional and PathSearcher Energy Services are skeptical, however, and refuse to believe the premise of such an advanced tool.

Rex Dandergett, Fenicks Directional Operations Manager, North Korea/Iran
Rex Dandergett, Fenicks Directional Operations Manager, North Korea/Iran

More wires per inch?  That’s pretty bold, even for Bent Pipe.  We use a monofilament braid to get 43 wires per inch, and that’s our mid-range tool.  Our Multiple Wire Tool has almost 75 wires per inch, and transmits over 3 MB per second of realtime LWD-MWD data.

I’m not sure what Bent Pipe is after with this new PWW tool, but based on its high cost and marginal technology, I can’t see it doing very well.  $25,000 US per day is a steep cost for a few more wires in a chunk of steel tubing. – Rex Dandergett, Fenicks Directional

While the PWW tool will officially showcase at the 2015 Oil and Gas EXPO in Calgary, test areas are being actively sought by Bent Pipe in an effort to do more research and product development before the final product is released.

2P News has learned that significant discounts on the tool will be made available to the first 6 PNG operators willing to run its beta tools in active drilling programs while Bent Pipe irons out and refines operational issues and trains staff to operate the new tool.


  1. Bent pipe? That’s something I’m used to dealing with. I never needed a bunch of wires, though. I transmit signals through direct contact.


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