LOS ANGELES, California – Corbomite Industries, Inc. of Liverwurst, California announced its development of a combined di-cycle nuclear reactor. Chief Science Officer Dr. Hugh G. Recshin displayed the prototype to the editors of the prestigious journal Scientific Canadian.

In an opening statement before a question-and-answer session, Dr. Recshin explained the fundamental principle of the reactor.

Dr. Hugh G. Recshin.  Pure Awesome
Dr. Hugh G. Recshin. Pure Awesome

There are two basic types of nuclear reactors: fission and fusion. Fission reactors produce power by splitting atomic nuclei into smaller pieces. Fusion reactors produce power by fusing atomic nuclei into bigger pieces. So we thought, why not combine the two and make a closed-loop system that never needs refueling? What you see before you is the result.

The colourful and elaborate powerpoint presentation illustrated how the new technology would work, and how simple it really was.  The proposal outlined the efficiency and ultra low startup costs for the project and also pinpointed the fact that over 200 reactors could be built within the first 5 years if a deal inked with Ford and GMC could secure abandoned manufacturing lines in Flint, Michigan.

Scientific Canadian Chief Editor Gaylord Kliptnutz asked if there were any problems during the development phase, and what safety measures had been implemented prior to the first test runs of the new reactor.

Like any major project, there were a few problems. For safety’s sake, testing was conducted on Ellesmere Island in northern Canada. Unfortunately, when all the ice in the Arctic started melting as a consequence of our testing, we had to admit to the Canadian government what we were doing and abandon our test site.

But, the major wrinkles probably have been ironed out and we are confident that the reactor will blow up only once in a great while. Electric power will become abundant and cheap. So line up at your automobile dealership for a Tesla or Nissan Leaf, they’re about to get very popular.  – Dr. Recshin

Dan Rett, a representative from Homefound Oil & Gas, asked about the effect on other energy sources, such as the oil and gas produced all over the world.

Dr Recshin replied:

Dan Rett, CEO
Dan Rett, CEO

I started this project predominantly because I hate getting that gasoline smell all over my hands when I fill my hybrid, and that will become a thing of the past. I also hated the fact that my new hybrid can’t go full-plug-in until more recharge stations are built in my neck of the woods.

Eventually, we can build reactors that fit in small cars for unlimited range.  Bye bye Mr. Musk.  That, and my ex-wife married the CEO of an oil company a few years ago and I just want to see her out on the street begging for change!



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