CALGARY, Alberta – The resounding conflict between OPEC and WOOPS in the past few months has left a scar on energy relationship cross the globe.  In an effort to address energy issues and come to an economic and efficient compromise, both groups have agreed to attend the WEDG.  The World Energy Debate Gathering was planned and executed by the members of 2P News, or Proved Plus Probable.

The intent of the debate is to get OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and WOOPS (World Organization Of Petroleum Societies) into the same room to hash out a plan for planet-wide oil and gas production and operations.

Dr. Darcy Flowman
Dr. Darcy Flowman, principle @ 2P News

We see to many dummies on TV and the Internets trying to appease the world’s population through stupidity and ignorance.  If we can get some of the high-powered big wigs and controllers into the same venue for a solid, fact-based debate, in public, we hope to get a real handle on what is going on and what can be done to improve everything for everyone.  We also hope to get a few good stories out of it for the website. – Darcy Flowman, finally sober, speaking outside of a 1960s-theme theatre

Their will be technical talks in collaboration with the WEDG debates, and papers and topics have been streaming into the 2P News office.  A few of the highlights will be:

  • Can’t we oil just get along? – Dr. Frendly Coddle, Ph.D Reservoir Dynamics
  • Oil 4 you, oil 4 me, but not for them! – Vlamodir Rasputin Eki, Russias Vice Energy Minister
  • Frac all of you! – Johnny Talahasee Johnston Smith, Cheaterson Energy
  • The “Oil-ist” trend.  10 ways to bring oil equality to the world. – Albert Shiphton, WOOPS
  • Mix-it-up.  The World Blending Theory. – Dynamo Chattersworth, Bigmix Engineering
  • Your child and the concept of sharing. – Julia Smitherly, Mothers Helper magazine

The WEDG has been booked at the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary.  The venue has accepted the proposal to setup a world-televised production and approximately 8000 attendees per day.  The local hotel and restaurant market is bracing for the event and some new venues are going to open in an attempt to cash-in on the demand.

Traessey Fillips, preparing his Honda for food vending operations

We are going to open our Food Car in May, and hopefully we can get our menu sorted out before the event in July.  It’s the latest thing, we are going to serve chips and soda from the trunk of our Civic.  We just need to assess what people want more of, Lays or Old Dutch.  Chips are a tricky market you know.  Like Coke and Pepsi, only we already have a deal with Coke. – Traessey Fillips, ex-expolationist with Alwaysflush Resources


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