CALGARY, Alberta – Every now and again companies team up to introduce the industry to a product or service that revolutionizes the way oil and gas industry professionals do operations. In 1984, WonderBra partnered with Weakerford Oilfield Services to introduce the (then leading-edge) Double-D Swabbing Cups with comfort-strap technology.

Just today HISMarkitup, the makers of AccuCrud mapping geo-engineering software, has joined forces with oilfield services giant Shamburger to introduce a feature that the companies claim will not only revolutionize the way business is done, but it will enable operating companies to reduce staffing levels by at least 27%.

The new service, called Click N’ Do, is a nifty new interactive layer on AccuCrud that allows technical staff at the head office to implement changes in the field at the click of their mouse. Sloan Registrese, head of development for the new service, elaborates,

Sloan Registrese, AccuCrud CEO

We believe we are really onto something special here with this new technology. Gone are the days of layers and layers of development bureaucracy to get wells drilled, suspended, abandoned, and the like. Today, you want to drill a well, just add it to the Click N’ Do layer and Scamburger drilling staff is automatically notified of the drill with a green light to go.

Do you want to abandon an old well? Easy. Just remove it from the new layer and a crew is immediately dispatched to abandon the well and reclaim the land. Can it get any easier? – Sloan Registrese, product lead, HISMarkitup Inc.

According to this morning’s press release, the company explained that the new Click N’ Do feature is designed to tie into many popular AFE tracking systems such that only operations with a valid AFE are registered on the layer. Mr. Registrese continues, “That will ensure that the money is at least there before the orders are sent to the Shamburger field staff.”

The president and CEO of a 127,000 boepd Calgary-based intermediate producer (who asked to remain anonymous for this article) that helped pilot the new system for the last 18 months was originally very pleased with how it helped streamline his company’s operations, but then things took a turn for the worst.

clickdo3Within a few months of implementing the system in our steam-flooding pilot property in SW Manitoba, we were able to realize savings on the order of 40% by getting rid of “support” staff that pretty much just sat around and pushed paper all day while pumping off our G&A. Those days are gone. See ya. But unfortunately, a glitch between our AFE Bloatinator system and AccuCrud allowed a reservoir engineer in training to dispatch all sorts of activity in the field while he was running scenarios for expanding the flood in the area – all of this was done without authorization, and it cost the company (and our shareholders) dearly. That engineer is no longer with us. – Anonymous CEO, intermediate producer

2P News field correspondent, Rodecker Smith, visited the 7000 bopd in the Virden area of Manitoba to get a better idea of what went on with this pilot project. He was able to get the following out of a superintendent in an area where there appeared to be a high density of pump jacks.

Dan Rett, CEO
Paulo Nuttingly, field superintendent

I had no idea frickin’ idea what was going on at head office. We had Shamburger service rigs, drilling rigs, lease prep crews, you name it, crisscrossing around like bees around a… errr… hmmm… beehive. It was something to be seen, that’s for sure. There 2 top-drive rigs separated at surface by 32 meters – it didn’t make sense. When I asked the Shamburger guys what the hell they were doing, they just told me, “just followin’ orders from the suits in Calgary.”

AccuCrud and Shamburger believe that it has fixed the glitch in the software with the recent release of Click N’ Do V2.1. 2P News will stay on top of this new technology to see how well it is adopted throughout western Canada, and we’ll keep you up to date with developments as they become available.


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