HOUSTON, Texas – 2P News started life as a Calgary-based reprieve from the drudgery of everyday life in the oil patch.  Nearly 3 years later, it has grown into an Internet sensation that is giving Google, Facebook, and Twitter a run for their money.

With slightly over 30 international subscribers and averaging 12 hits per day, it has far exceeded the expectations of its founders Antoine and Darcy.  According to 2P News website analytics, almost 50% (5 or 6), of each daily reader lives in Texas, and as such, a new cloud-based virtual office has been opened to address those staggering statistics.

Dr. Darcy Flowman
Dr. Darcy Flowman

“We felt it was time to expand. A virtual office in Houston gives us access to that market, and puts our virtual “boots on the ground” to help us target that specific market with specific needs.  If we can write about the things Americans want to read about, we’ll grow even larger than we are now.  Look out BOE Report!” – Darcy Flowman, Editor-in-Chief and 2P News co-founder

The new virtual office will be exactly that.  A new journalist will be hired locally and tasked with staffing the office, which will likely only be a chair, and maybe a pad of paper.  He or she will ask questions on the streets of Houston and get the good, juicy petrol-news from passerby geologists and engineers the same way we do it in Calgary – with bribes of liquor and free food.

So far, the search has not turned up a viable candidate, but recent talks with Texas A&M, as well as a possible future job advertisement on OilPro should find a suitable individual.

Antoine M., 2P News co-founder, proposing new RRRO Chairlift Project
Antoine M., 2P News co-founder

“We’ll be seeking someone honest, up front, friendly, drinkie, not so much goofy as they are silly, but still quirky.  Industry experience will be helpful, but we don’t want any geophysicists, or for that matter Landmen or lawyers. A good sense of righteousness will be useful, as will a predisposition to sleeping in strange places while in the field.  Honestly, I hope we hire another geologist, but knowing Darcy, he’ll hold out for a numbers and bullshit type of a person, just like him.” – Antoine McGillicuddy, Editor and 2P News co-founder

Watch for updates from our new Houston-area office, and for someone holding a sandwich board sign with the 2P News logo on it, coming soon to the downtown core of Houston.

One possible location for the virtual office in Houston
One possible location for the virtual office in Houston

When asked about the risks associated with opening a new office during what some argue is a recession, if not a global economic meltdown, Dr. Darcy Flowman added, “Antoine and I were discussing this very subject over a few rums in his shed (read: house) the other night, and we agreed that when we factor in Canadian/US dollar exchange rate, it turns out that we are actually funnier in the US than we are in Canada, and that’s all the incentive we need.”


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