CALGARY, Alberta – In contrast to the recent layoffs and cutbacks, one Calgary oil and gas firm is launching a hiring blitz this month to recruit several hundred professionals as part of they new “back-to-work” program, partly sponsored by the province’s New Democratic Party.  The new program is aimed directly at re-hiring laid off or down sized Human Resources, IT, Landmen, as well as oil and gas specialized accounting staff.

PUGOE, or Previously Unemployed Gas & Oil Employees, will hire up to 750 new staff, but the details are what has skeptics calling this a total farce.

Gene Turnball

“On the surface it looks good, but this is mere pandering by a team of NotleyNomics experts in an attempt to get Albertans on board with her way of thinking.  PUGOE is a non-profit, started by NDP supporters in Edmonton and bankrolled by a private representative of GreenPeace.  PUGOE has no land position or production to speak of, but there is a method to the madness.  They are going to pay these people a mere pittance in order to claim they are helping them, and then have the new staff do nothing.  Nothing.  Just sit around and go for lunch.” – Gene Turnball, Editor, The Unravelled Grape

The new staff will reportedly get paid $0.50 per hour, and work an 8 hour day, 5 days a week.  There will be 9 weeks of unpaid vacation per year, and no expectations of productivity other than self betterment and volunteering to help the NDP gain the support of Albertans.

This should not present much of a challenge for HR, IT, accounting, or Land staff, as they are typically quite a load on an operator’s general and administrative budget yet they contribute the least to net corporate profits.

The lead hiring manager at PUGOE was very excited, saying that she has had almost 30 resumes submitted since the initial news release 3 days ago.


“This is going to be a very exciting time in Alberta.  We get to help hundreds of families, and at the same time use our staff’s skills to ensure an effective and memorable propaganda campaign for our beloved, but misunderstood leader.  With the NDP giving PUGOE access to a grant for 80% of the money we will pay out to these staff, I don’t know why the general population can’t see how much they are doing to help Albertans at the most basic level.” – Sinddy Golphnoszle

With this latest escapade as part of the new NDP government’s portfolio, it will be hard for Albertans to accept any truly authentic actions in the future, as thoughts will always turn to the past, and promises from the NDP that really never made sense to anyone.



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