DENVER, Colorado – While continuing to keep oil and gas hydraulic fracturing environmental legislation very strict throughout the United States, the EPA just this morning approved a high-pressure fluid filtering initiative launched by a consortium of former hydraulic fracturing service companies.

The companies claim that they have devised a novel and proprietary technology that can be used to filter various fluids for re-use, which is a boon to for the environment. The idea is that dirty fluids are pumped deep into the Earth’s subsurface under pressure and then a clean version of the fluid is pumped back out.

The consortium’s public relations lead, Mr. Ichan Treekyah, who filed the 129-page EPA application, addressed a crowd of reporters outside of his office in Denver.

Mr. Ichan Treekyah, Public Relations

“We believe we’ve created a brand new industry here in Colorado, that we feel could extend to various other parts of the country including Texas, Montana, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. Our new technology enables us to protect the environment by cleaning and reusing fluids that would otherwise have no place in the ecosystem. We basically use subsurface formations as a filter of sorts, think of your furnace filter, but instead of passing air past and element, we force the particulate carrying yucky fluid through the Earth. As the fluid is passed through the rock under high pressure, the dirt gets trapped in the earth and the clean fluid is pumped back to surface. It’s actually quite genius.” – Mr. Treekyah, Public Relations

According to documents obtained by 2P News from the EPA’s online repository, the application describes a patent pending process called Filtering Recoverable Anionic Chemicals Kinetically in Terra, or FRACKiT for short.

The applicants did not disclose exactly the source of the dirty fluid, the reasons for cleaning it, and the purpose for the clean fluids – the application just stated that it will be reused. The applicants also made it very clear that there are only certain types of subsurface formations that will clean the fluids properly; those with what they called micro- and nanodarcy permeability.

Conventional hydraulic fracturing (L) and the novel and environmentally sensitive FRACKiT water cleaning technology. (Source 2P News)

The new technology’s approval sent shockwaves through the environmental sector this morning, with opponents trying to understand how the EPA could approve a technology that is so closely related to oil and gas hydraulic fracturing.

Hot off the presses, 2P News just received an email from Dr. Lindsay Limerock, president of Mobile, Alabama-based Americans Against Fracking, which reads,

Dearest Antoine McGuilicuddy,

The EPA’s approval of this new FRACKiT technology is absolutely ludicrous, and I want to make sure that my voice is heard throughout the industry and especially through your credible industry-related and environmentally-sensitive news source. What the EPA approved this morning is pretty much the same technology that oil and gas fracking companies have been using for a long time – even the acronym for the new technology sounds the same! Frack versus FRACKit?!! Come on. I looked up a number of these new water cleaning service companies and they are registered as numbered companies that further investigation revealed are wholly owned by the former oil and gas fracking companies – THEY ARE THE SAME PEOPLE! So I think the EPA is making a huge mistake here, and I’m not going to stand for it!

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Freedom Whisper Sundance, AAF president

2P News field correspondent, Rodecker Smith, is on location on the outskirts of Denver to see how this situation unfolds, and he will report back to you as details become available.


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