Photo of a cardboard box.

CALGARY, Alberta – Western Canada’s energy industry is making progress in integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its corporate structures, management systems and operations, according to a new survey of industry executives and ESG professionals recently completed by 2P News.

The survey, conducted in 2021 Q1, shows the majority of energy companies are onboard with integrating ESG into their business, but challenges remain in moving from intentions to full integration. But the Canadian Regulatory Association of Petroleum Producers has partnered with IKEA of Sweden to spearhead an ESG initiative that will have significant positive environmental impact. Linda Laycock, chief spokeswoman for CRAPP, spoke to 2P News’ Rodecker Smith this morning.

“Listen, we’ve partnered with one of the most enviro-forward companies on the planet, ikea, to help us improve the oil and gas industry’s environmental profile. What is our solution? Let me tell you. It’s the idea of storing and transporting heavy oil and bitumen using ikea’s patented flat-pack cardboard system. It’s a win-win here for all involved.XXXXX” – Mrs. Laycock, CRAPP

According to the a joint IKEA-CRAPP statement, the new storage and transportation system could some day replace leaky pipelines with environmentally-friendly cardboard boxes that are made from 100% post-consumer cardboard and are 100% recyclable. “You don’t often see people recycling pipelines, but you always see people recycle cardboard,” continued Linda Laycock.

The flat-pack boxes are designed with liners made of biodegradable sea algae. Not only does the sea algae break down within weeks of being disposed, its nanopetrophobic properties ensure that the oil separates from it without leaving even a trace of residue.

The new-fangled containers are conveniently designed to be loaded onto trains and flatbed trucks for easy and safe transportation. And to make things easier for the handlers, and staying in line with core IKEA flatpack principles, each container comes with instructions that show exactly how the boxes should be handled.

IKEA-inspired instructions that come with new flat-back cardboard petroleum storage and transport system.

But opponents to the new concept abound, complain that the boxes will leak and therefore be detrimental to the environment. Abigaile Moonfairy, with the Pembina Cardium Institute, believes the concept was a mistake from the beginning.

“Seriously? Transport and store oil in cardboard boxes? There’s no way this will work! The oil, no matter how heavy it is, will make its way out of the box and get on the ground. I am willing to bet on it! We might as well keep using pipelines for pete’s sake” – Abilgaile Moonfairy

An official statement from the Pembina Cardium Institute recommends that the boxes only be used to store and transport natural gas.


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