CALGARY, Alberta – Plans for a new micro-rail network to move oil are in the works for western Canada.  In the wake of public protest against pipelines, and support for truck and train transport of oil, a new system will be required to satisfy both the public and industry.

Mel Thomisai, CEO of MicroTrains Ltd. out of Raspberry, Alberta, has come up with the perfect answer.  Thousands of child sized trains running on amusement park scale tracks between every oil site in western Canada.  This network of small trains could carry oil between well sites, batteries, upgraders, and retail outlets.

One example of a train that could be used to move oil on MicroTracks

The trains would be small enough to be run by solar power when not going downhill.  They could be operated and repaired by one individual with a specific MicroTrain engineering ticket.  Each train could haul up to 5,000 barrel of oil per trip, assuming several MicroTankers were engaged for the journey.  And due to the low weight and small form factor, the tracks could be laid almost anywhere by general contractors and welders, creating thousands of jobs.

Mel Thomisai, CEO of MicroTrains Ltd

“Well, I really do think this is going to change the west.  We have a product that is fast to build, cheap to buy, and simple to operate.  And just imagine going on a road trip with your kids and having them count the MicroTrains?  Or how every 10 minutes there is another MicroTrain conductor honking his MicroTrain horn at you when you child waves!  It’s going to be so amazing! “- Mel Thomisai

The initial plan is to install several MicroTankers on the train at Callaways Park just outside of Calgary to prove operational effectiveness.  Once that has been demonstrated the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments plan to invite Justin Trudeau for a demonstration.


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