BeerCoin co-founder, Geoff Greasly, P.Geo.

EDMONTON, Alberta – Leave it to Alberta entrepreneurial ingenuity The Edmonton social group The Chuggers has completed a proposal to the Canadian Economic Council for final approval of their newly launched currency, BeerCoin.

BeerCoin was developed as a way for the members of The Chuggers to swap and barter certain microbrew beverages, but quickly became used for other items and services outside the group.  It wasn’t long before the local convenience stores and a pizza place were accepting the group’s BeerCoins.  It was at that time the group decided to officially market BeerCoin and get it approved as a legal tender.

BeerCoin are in fact, just that.  A BeerCoin is the tab sourced from the top of a standard beer or soda can.  50 BeerCoins can be used to purchase a 6-pack of drinks from a friend, or a large meat pizza from Tabaleros on 64th and Weevil Ave in Edmonton.  BeerCoin can be ordered on Amazon by the case, or mined manually from a can recycling stockpile.

Martin Vilenuvue, BeerCoin CFO

“We invented BeerCoin as a way for Chuggers to make a game out of trying different local microbrews.  It evolved, and fast from there.  Next thing we knew we could buy more goods and services with them.  You can get a box of 5000 BeerCoin for $50 on Amazon, so it’s a pretty worthwhile investment right now.  We’re forecasting Beercoin to move from a $0.01 value to closer to $1.00 by Q3 2022.” – Martin Vilenuvue, BeerCoin CFO

Crown Royal Bank of Canada has released review notes pertaining to the approval of BeerCoin, along with outlining the next steps from the Federal Government.  Once BeerCoin has met the regulator requirements, financial analysts fully expect it to be another currency for Canadians to consider when planning investment and market strategies.

Mined BeerCoins estimated to be worth roughly $895.

One of the BeerCoin founders, Geoff Greasly, P.Eng., told 2P News that unlike mining for bitcoins, which is a very energy intensive process that requires expensive equipment, mining for BeerCoins is as simple as piggybacking on kids’ hockey bottle drives or breaking into Alberta beverage recycling depots and taking them.


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