BREA, California – Let’s face it, folks, there’s not a whole lot of good news in the world right now.  War, inflation, hunger, political mischief.  I was digging through some of my old notebooks from my Clovenhoof College days and came upon some optical illusions I copied for a drafting class.  I drew a few as best I could with my shaky hands and present them now for your amusement.

Fig. 1 – The two lines are actually parallel and not curved!

Fig. 2 – The two lines are the same length.

Fig. 3 – The apparent bend in the pipe is not real.  Put a straight edge on it if you don’t believe me.

Fig. 4 – The three boxes are all the same size!

Fig. 5 – The diagonal line is the same thickness throughout.

Fig. 6 – Unless you look quickly enough, the image in Fig. 6 disappears!

Unfortunately, a certain percentage of the population have defective brains and are unable to perceive the illusions.  Too bad if you’re one of them.  Feel free to share with your friends.  We could all use a good laugh.


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