OTTAWA, Ontario – In a 458° shift from whatever this federal government calls energy policy, it has been leaked that the Trudeau Liberals have a new startup, and get this… it’s a federally funded and operated oil company.  The company has yet to be officially named, so 2P will refer to it as Oil Canada. And it’s going to be very interesting to watch.

What we’ve learned from sources that the company will steer all assets and staff away from western Canada, in a move that will showcase other provinces and their ability to work with oil and gas just as efficiently as The West. While staffing will likely be done from petrochemical facilities and hard rock mining, it is also thought that the focus of their exploration targets will be hard rock formations, of which only Flat Earthers and maybe Ted Nugent have ever thought possible.

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While the details are indeed limited, the leak comes as the feds budget $25 billion dollars for “power fluids exploration and crustal development” whatever the hell that means, with over half of that being directed to a “geologicalisation and seismographical modelling group.”  No, those aren’t typos.

With a budget of $25B, 2P expects that most of eastern and central Canada will be studied in detail by seismic and possibly even core drilling and analysis very quickly. The first wells might have to be drilled in random spots to ensure nothing was missed in a search for oil or gas in missed sedimentary basins, previously unnoticed by years of hard rock and mining focus.

This news correlates to another mystery 2P learned about last week, as a fleet of cargo ships have arrived of the cost of Newfoundland. The manifests of these ships illustrates that up to 30 new terrestrial drilling rigs have arrived from China, in containers, to be assembled and moved to locations unknown, but we doubt they will cross the Ontario border, we have enough in The West for what we require.

2P News will follow this as it unfolds, or a Trudeaus or Freeland start denying it, as they do with everything else The West publishes.


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