CALGARY, Alberta – After seeing his visiting mother-in-law load the dishwasher following a rather large Sunday afternoon family dinner, Anton McKnight, a Petrophysical Engineer with a Calgary-based consulting firm, took it upon himself to rearrange the contents of the dishwasher right beneath his MIL’s nose.

baffledSo get this, she had loaded the dishwasher with 3 large pots, a big bowl, and a few medium to large utensils, and very little else. What’s that all about? I think she did it to deliberately piss me off.

I removed the pots and bowl (which I washed in roughly 45 seconds), and added a number of plates, saucers, cups, and glasses in such a way that the dirty dish density was not maximized, but optimized.

She doesn’t pay the bills around here, I do; this gives me the right to make these, and any other, adjustments that are in the best interest of my monthly budget and the environment.

After seeing what she believed was a blatant display of disrespect to her, Anton’s MIL slapped him across the face in a moment of quiet rage. Embarrassed by the on goings, wife and daughter-in-law, Susan McKnight, stormed out of the room asking under her breath why she married an engineer.


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