CALGARY, Alberta – Breaking news this Monday morning here in Oil City.  A tragic death over the weekend has now been reclassified from an accident to a potential hate-related homicide.

Tom Echoman, office snitch to a phone picture Friday afternoon
Tom Echoman, office snitch took a phone picture Friday afternoon

Tom Echoman, a geophysicist with Gravitywerks Resources, fell to his death Sunday evening at the Callaway Park amusement centre just West of Calgary, where he reportedly fell from the children’s helicopter ride.  The 7 foot-fall would not normally have been fatal, but witnesses report that a heavy gym bag then fell out of the plastic helicopter, killing him instantly. The gym bag was later found to be filled with text books, a geophone, some maps, and three 2′ full diameter cores.

At first review, police were happy to concede he had not strapped in properly, and fell to a tragic end, trailed by his gym bag of textbooks weighing nearly 90 pounds.  Further investigation revealed, however, that he had not been legally admitted to the park, and he has no children, so he had no reason to be there.  Police began to dig deeper into this suspicious set of facts and discovered a conspiracy big enough to make Mayor Nenshi lose his cool on Twitter.

According to a source close to the incident, Echoman was recently working up a new play in the Goodman region of southern Saskatchewan.  A year’s worth of work and 3 dry holes later, snitches inside Gravitywerks admit he was feeling stressed out and always seemed edgy in the office.

Sharon Fin

I saw Tom day in and day out. He was losing weight, he was pale, he snapped at everything.  At first I thought it was his fiancee giving him a hard time, but I should have known something was up at work.


And the way our executives kept following him around at lunch with notebooks sure didn’t help either.  Sharon Fin, EA at Gravitywerks.

On the Friday before his death, Echoman apparently had a long meeting with the executives.  No one heard details, but reports state that there was yelling and possibly some throwing of chairs in the company’s main boardroom.  After work, coworkers saw Tom leave in his Lexus, seemingly undaunted.  Police have released a statement that Echoman remained in his house that Saturday, doing laundry and cleaning.  His mother has also stated he went to her house for dinner that night and they had a nice meal followed by a Big Brother Canada marathon.

Sgt Dan Hoppel, after hours
Sgt Dan Hoppel, after hours

Friday and Saturday were not that bad.  But Sunday there was something going on.  He went golfing with 3 of his executive team and from that point the details are few and far between. We found him face down under a kiddy ride covered with books.  Poor bastard.  I’d like to think he was just reading and fell, but I’m afraid there is more to it than that this time. – Sgt Dan Hoppel, CPS

The Calgary Police service is currently interviewing the board members and staff at Gravitywerks Resources.

Witnesses reported a Mercedes Benz, which was later identified as belonging to one of the company’s executives, was found parked outside the fence at Callaway that morning, which was later abandoned in a ditch in Springbank Estates Meadows Ranch.

A forensic accountant has also been hired to look into Gravitywerks bookkeeping, as it appears that the company’s finances may have been drying up.  A case for which 3 failed wells in the Goodman play might have pushed the company into Chapter 11.  2P News will continue to follow this story and report on breaking developments as they become available.

This just in! The Mercedes SUV connected to the case is registered to John Felderhof, P.Geo, a former Vice President and Chief Geologist with the now defunct Bre-X Mineral Corp. CPS has acquired a warrant for Mr. Felderhof’s arrest and issued a province-wide APB for his capture.



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