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Former rig hands, waiting for work on the rigs to pick up

WILLISTON, North Dakota -The Bakken was one of the biggest plays seen in recent years.  It drew staff and contrators from all over the country and, indeed, from many other countries.  There was so much work in the Bakken play that other plays, while still valuable, had to be put on hold for lack of staff to run operations.

Things are changing now however, and a recent slowdown in the region has many staff left with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  As history has taught us before, the world’s oldest profession will gain popularity in the absence of other work.  There is a lesson to be learned here, and it is turning out much the same way in North Dakota right now.

The FBI has assigned a special task force to Williston to deal with a recent upwelling of male prostitution.  It seems that out of work oil workers are willing to do anything so that they can to stay in North Dakota and make more money.   While not a traditional market for the sex trade, it seems there is plenty to go around and many of the unemployed men are doing just fine.



I thought it was gonna be rough, but its’ not bad.  I was involved in a drug switch accident in Canada a while back and that was worse.  At least here it’s my choice.  – Sean, ex driller for Rod Shaft Drilling


The rash of male escorts has also driven up other markets in the area.  Local pharmacies are selling out of condoms and Polysporin as fast as it arrives.  While alcohol sales haven’t changed, it is hard to gauge the sales records when it is simply poured into troughs in the streets for public consumption and bathing.  Local police have the full assistance of the FBI task force now, and things are looking up for the city, but there is a lot of work left to be done.

Dick Bangalor, FBI STFIK (photo redacted by the NSA)

We have made several arrests.  Some twice.  And for a few, 3 or 4 times.  We can get this under control but there are just so many damn people here it is going to take time.  There are an estimated 560,000 people living in a city designed for 12,000.  That’s a lot of people.  Every riggedy crooked shanty camp town here has its share of prosties.  We just need time. – Dick Bangalor, FBI STFIK

While some of the rig camps have remained open for current workers, many have shut down.  It seems these have been abandoned, however, as the cost of moving them was too high and the ownership simply cut bait and ran while filing for Chapter 11 protection.  These abandoned camps have become a haven for the male sex trade, and now one only has to round a corner or peek under a bed to find a man willing to do anything to stay in North Dakota.



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