CALGARY, Alberta – Five Freeman-on-the-Land followers have claimed embassy status on a 43 storey office tower in downtown Calgary late last night.  In the wake of the recent Freeman claiming an embassy ina rental property, it is believed these 5 men are following suit to pursue their options as guided by the movement.  The building in question is the head office of Silverspoon Exploration, and it is believed that the 5 men are all executives with the company.

At 6:45 PM yesterday, the 5 men in question locked all magnetic door locks in the building form the security room and locked down elevators and any roof access as well.   Rumors abound regarding their access and knowledge to take over security, but investgators are not ruling anything out.

Lt. Don Hinge, CPS

This seems to have been planned for quite some time now.  We have discovered traces of this plan on scrap paper in the homes of 4 suspects, and we are searching the 5th’s now.


We cannot release names yet, but they do have a list of demands they claim apply to their status as Freemen.  We have passed those demands on to the regulators they apply to. – Lt. Don Hinge, CPS

A list of demands, primarily pointed at the Alberta Energy Regulator and the Redford government, seems to be a ploy to get out of normal policy taxes and royalties.  The Freeman in question wish to remove all contract and government royalties on any production Silverspoon has or aquires, as well as no longer paying preoprty taxes or levies on land or mineral deals in general.

The group has also demanded that the building they occupy be deemed sovereign ground and treated as such.  They have proposed the creation of new passports for anyone wishing to claim refugee status from “Redfords Law” inside the building’s walls.

Artist’s rendition of a Freeman in the building.

We will take all comers who wish to be as free as we are.  We do not recognize the Redford government and we will not pay into her coffers to fund useless facial surgeries and dates with Christie Clarke. – Anonymous Freeman from inside the building

While police have surrounded the bulding, there has been no threats of violence or terror and as such they are in a holding pattern.  A court has recently approved an eviction order for the recent Freeman standoff in Calgary’s downtown core, but dealing with a complete office tower and 5 men may prove to be more challenging.  Tenants operating small business on the ground floor have not been allowed entry in the interest of safety while police sort out what the danger, if any, may be.


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