CALGARY, Alberta – Two urgent problems affecting Calgary this spring are a possible repeat of 2013’s overland flooding and the constant traffic congestion seen by commuters.  Calgary city Councillor Sean Chu has a proposal that claims to solve both with one simple solution.  Chu submitted a plan to begin the process of filling the Bow River with concrete aggregate as part of a plan to convert the Bow River into a 6 lane, bi-directional thoroughfare.

sean chu
Sean Chu with the media

This idea is simply great.  People may ask if I am on drugs, or what the hell am I thinking, but I think paving the Bow River is a natural next evolution for our city.  How can the river create flood problems if it is solid concrete?  I don’t think so.  And we need this space with the tragic loss of our city streets to bat-shit crazy bike lanes. – Sean Chu outside of Calgary’s City Hall

According to Councillor Chu, the current road system is inadequate for the monster SUVs and jacked up pickup trucks that are commonplace in Calgary. “Those vehicles are nothing but headaches for Calgarians, especially those in the downtown core; the vehicles cause road rage and restrict rightful beer drinking time between pubs,” Chu continues.

To counter the loss of car lanes caused by the proliferation of bike lanes currently infesting Calgary streets, Councillor Sean Chu also has designs on the Elbow River as a secondary project once the Bow is completed.

With 6 lanes of traffic going East and West this would ease traffic woes considerably and make passing through Calgary far quicker for heavy haul truckers as well. Sean Chu also boasts that the project will create nearly 5000 new jobs, as the manpower required for cementing a river is beyond current contractor abilities.

Johnny Focks, driver

Well I think this might just fly, but it’ll be different driving on a river.  I guess it wont look much like a river anymore though once it’s paved, so who cares.  If I can get my load through Calgary faster without having to deal with the traffic in the core, I’m all for it. – Johnny Focks, GHT Transport driver

Mayor Nenshi has also weighed in on the proposal, avoiding social media in light of the recent Sean Chu scandal.  Nenshi told 2P News reporters today that he is opposed to the plan, and will fight to keep Calgary’s rivers as natural as possible, promising to address the issues the best he can without ruining the city.  Strong opposition is also being brought in the form of a petition and organized protests later this week by Hugh Freewater, owner of Moosetang Flotation, a Calgary based manufacturer of flotation devices and PFD’s.

Freewater demonstrating one of his products

Our products are required by law for watercraft used on these river ways, and Sean Chu is going to destroy our sales locally.  We need these local sales, and Calgarians in the paddling community support us all the way.  This is nothing but bullshit!  Converting the river to concrete?  What is he on?  He should resign and get his head examined.



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  1. This is a great idea, and the construction crews won’t need to truck in water since they can just use the water that’s in the Bow river. Haha. Save some money.


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