OTTAWA, Ontario – In breaking news from the nation’s capital, the Canada Revenue Agency’s computer network was hacked early yesterday, for reasons yet known.  While police and security agencies scramble to find the culprits and their motives, one outcome has already become clear to a concerned Canadian public: A password is used to log in to, and out of, the CRA’s tax return filing system.

Armed with this password and a userid, the personal, financial, and tax information for citizens can be gathered and used for ill gain.  It seems as though the culprits of the devious hack are already playing games with the data, and have released a list of Canada’s top one percent earners’ login and passwords.

Although individual passwords were released on Twitter in restricted length messages, partial and more complete lists have been funnelled to other media outlets including Read-It, ReadThat, ReadThis, and AlreadyReaddit.

Lt. Whutaphuck in his new Cybersuit

The data released by the hackers is not crucial to any one person, but it can lead to identity theft and possibly some false parental accusations on Maury.  The RCMP is assigning 78% of our staff to this case, and we hope that people will realize the urgency of this investigation and cease traffic and petty crimes until the case is solved.  We appreciate your cooperation. – Dan Whutaphuck, Staff Lieutenant, RCMP Ottawa Supercyberultra Crimes Division

While the staff here at 2P News does not condone the intrusion, theft of data, or misuse of the information, we do however find the list somewhat amusing, and figured what the hell, why not share it again – it’s already into Reddit and Tweet -Space.

The following is a list of the names, companies, user names, and passwords for our top 10 local One Per-centers who made the cut:

  • Dèng Xiǎopíng Dòngbīn, Bendovus Energy – ID:  God; PW: I_love_Husky_1976
  • Rianni Farnto, Guggerant Exploration – ID:  KingOilMan; PW: geologysucks
  • Nick McNickers, GFY Energy – ID:  DoucheBagSuperstar; PW: Hookersandblow752
  • Derick Slikker, Short Run Energy – ID:  Slikky_Slikkster; PW: Papa$Bucks$
  • Louis P. Winkee, Gheytex Energy – ID:  BackdoorWinker; PW: I_wish_worked_@_Baytex
  • George Rick, Best West Exploration – ID:  The_Almighty; PW: iownjesus
  • Chuck Kochbanger, Cougar Valley Resources – ID:  MilfonianGod; PW: drillit_tillit_flows
  • Rufus Gammatrip, Finite Resources – ID:  Pennyless; PW: pleasegodmakemoney
  • Bruce Packwood, Packwood Resources – ID:  UrbanDriller4; PW: I_duped_nenshi_HA
  • Davis McGlander, TAGP – ID:  Pipelayer831; PW: stickthepipeinfaster

We sincerely hope no ill action comes to any of these individuals. Without them, where would Proved Plus Probable get its material?


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