HOUSTON, Texas – A new well planning and field development strategy is being implemented by Stranger Exploration in Texas.  The Houston-based operator has been struggling with decisive operational control after acquiring 2 junior oil producers last year.

When Stranger Ex. bought majority shares in both Mossberg Energy and Bushmaster Exploration, much of the staff has been trying to adjust to new roles and expectations.  Without clear direction to aid in decision making, executives at Stranger Ex have taken a novel approach, calling the system a No Fault program.

Clinton Esmerelda Feasse
Clinton Esmerelda Feasse

We had such a mess here after the mergers.  No one would make a decision because they all thought someone else was making the decision.  We actually ended up with several very successful drills in our Eagleford play and have modelled the new strategy after that process.  – Clinton Esmerelda Feasse, CEO Stranger Exploration

When the 2A-16 Wilfred horizontal was being planned, a series of random conversations resulted in the drilling of a very good well.  The process confounded 2P freelancer Daveed Nillas during interviews, and even had 2P News’ co- founders Antoine and Darcy struggling to find a way to best articulate the chaos.

Following two meetings and several visits to the pub, we agreed the best way to represent the process was by example.

After The CFO approved a budget to drill the first horizontal well on the flank of the Forty Four Magnum field, the lead geologist was put in charge of the planning process.  It played out as follows:

  • VP of Operations to Geologist: We have budget to drill a well, and I was thinking in the south half Forty Four Magnum. Does our pay zone extend that far?
  • Geologist: Not sure? According to our shareholder press releases it does.  What do you think?
  • Manager: Sounds good.  I think it might work, if you think there might be pay there.
  • Geologist to Geophysicist: Where is the best place to drill this well, I’m looking for some structure over my pay maps?
  • Geophysicist: Does it look like we have structure over here? (points to a geological map)
  • Geologist: Yup.  Mostly.
  • Geophysicist: Well then, let’s drill there.
  • Geologist to Reservoir Engineer: How much oil do we have in place south of the old Wilfred farm in FortyFour mag?
  • Reservoir Engineer to Geologist: Not sure. Somewhere between 5 and 6 million barrels. What do you think?
  • Geologist to Reservoir Engineer: Let’s go with 7 million.
  • Reservoir Engineer to Geologist: Okay then.  Sounds good to me.
  • Geologist to Drilling Manager:  We’re drilling a well south of the old Wilfred farm.  What do you think?
  • Drilling Manager to Geologist:  Is there oil there?
  • Geologist to Drilling Manager:  Reservoir thinks so, maybe 7 million.  Geophysicist said there might even be structure.
  • Drilling Manager:  I can get Redneck 458 to that location in 2 weeks.  What do you think?
  • Geologist: Excellent.  I’ll tell the team we are drilling in 2 weeks.
Two staff engineers discussing the best way to get a geologist to take the fall if things don't work out
Two staff engineers discussing the best way to get a geologist to take the fall if things don’t work out

As confusing as it seems, the process did manage to drill 2 very good producers in the lower half of Stranger’s Forty Four Magnum field.  How the continuation of such stupidity will progress is anyone’s guess, but we here at 2P wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.






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