Full Disclosure: Not all geologists are strange. I work with a number of geologists and they are the hippest cats around – they genuinely are. And some of the most attractive people in our organization are geologists. An article equally offensive and full of stereotypes could very easily be written about engineers. So if you are a Geologist, please take no offence to this article. Kindest regards.

Geologists are f**ked, okay, let’s just get that out of the way. They lick rocks for f**k’s sake (close your eyes and think about that one for a moment – THEY LICK ROCKS!). They sometimes struggle to navigate in cities, but they can always find their way in the bush – they are geologists.

Most of them like to tell really punny jokes; they like to receive seemingly ordinary rocks (and coal) as gifts – they are geologists.  They typically do not hold fashion in high regard; to them, a “rock show” is not a concert; they believe that a good rock hammer can be used in any situation for any purpose, including to shell nuts – they are geologists.  They like to consume beer, and lots and lots of it (more than you can imagine is humanly possible) – they are geologists.

So there’s no question that geologists are a strange bunch. Come to think of it, anybody from the geosciences, including geophysicists, geo techs, geo this, or geo that can be lumped into what I call GeoPeople. In this article, we try to get to the bottom of why GeoPeople are so strange and why they consume inordinately more alcohol (namely beer) than any other profession in the Oil Patch. This article is structured with a series of videos.

Video 1: Geology Tour
I’ve never been on a rock tour, but if the following video is any indication of how much fun these trips are, then I would rather sit in a corner, shit in my hands and clap.   

Video 2: Why geologists like beer.
This video provides some insight, from a random smattering of geologists at a Geo Convention, as to why GeoPeople like beer so much.

Video 3: Geology Cooking Class
This guy needs to seek professional help as soon as conveniently possible. There has got to be something better that he could have done with the time he spent preparing for and recording this video.

Video 4: Fossil Rock Anthem
Okay, I must admit, this (music) video is pretty cool. And for what it’s worth, the content was dumbed down a few shades so even I, an engineer, could understand the Geo speak.


  1. Now, now, Geostud (and you are a stud, of course). This blog is for fun; no offense intended. There are many more articles behind pipe that make fun of engineers, because if there is one profession that is stranger than geologists, it’s engineers. Well okay, we are equally strange.

    Anyhow, chill out, man. I hear that drawing a net pay map is relaxing, so go make one of those, and be darn proud of it!


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