Premier Notley before graphics applied to create NoNo Challenge image
  • Canadaw-wide Poll shows NoNo image far creepier than MoMo image
  • NoNo image randomly appears with disturbing messages directed at oil and gas professionals

CALGARY, Alberta – Digital trending and viral malware seems to rear its ugly head everyday in our techno-blip society. Recently, valid concerns over the MoMo Challenge targeting children is no exception, and draws attention to the darker, more dangerous side of technology.

With that in mind, 2P News is horrified to learn of a copycat challenge, dubbed the “NoNo Challenge,” launched by a mysterious NDP staffer in Alberta. The NoNo Challenge is a malware worm which pops up a spooky image of Alberta Premier Rachael Notley, and dares the user to a variety of challenges targeted at oil and gas professionals.

NoNo as she appears in the malicious NoNo Challenge popups. [Editor’s note: This image gave me a huge fright!]
The NoNo Challenge targets oil and gas staff including geologists, engineers, land-folk, and reclamation professionals, as well as the more common and usually bored middle managers and regional supervisors.

One example 2P found was a popup in the oft accessed BOE Report news website, where while reading an article, a picture of NoNo popped up and challenged Dr. Darcy Flowman, our editor and former industry reservoir engineer, to cut off his pantlegs geologist style and parade around the office sniffing a handful of gravel found outside. And he did it, in glorious fashion I may add.

Other NoNo occurrences have been reported from the offices of Calgary-based Bendovus Energy, where NoNo has been challenging staff to work for a change. Or in Ft McMurray’s Mooncor head office, where NoNo challenged mining staff to start filling the mines back in, rather than mine them for bitumen production.

James Drenton, a reputed production engineer with PNRL (People Nobody Really Likes), was alarmed when his AER app was violated by the NoNo Challenge while he was attempting to access data on a new play.

“I was in the app, looking at peer and neighbouring license holders and applicants, when this image of Rachael popped up and scared the bejesus out of me.  Granted, she looked better than on TV, but still.

James Drenton, PRNL engineer

NoNo then demanded I abandon my work and go outside with no pants on, holding a sign that reads ‘I’m Oil & Gas, sodomize me again Trudope,’ and then run around like I just left the proctologist.  Insane.  Did I do it?  You bet.  He’s an asshole.”

So far, the NoNo malware virus appears to have infected Calgary and to lesser extent the remainder of Canada’s oil and gas sector.  There have been a small number of vague reports from Houston but nothing 2P News could confirm before the story broke.

Some people who have seen the NoNo image complain about acute headaches, painful feelings of voter regret, and visions of orange. “During a lunchtime walk I was clicking through the business section of the Calgary Post newspaper when all of the sudden I saw that NoNo image. At that moment I experienced this severe pain between my eyes that forced them closed. When I reopened my eyes, EVERYTHING WAS ORANGE!,” according to one eye-witness account. 

One of the possible psychoneuralvisual effects of viewing the NoNo image – seeing the world through an orange tint.

Law enforcement teams tasked with finding the origin of the NoNo virus were not available to comment on their progress, as they are audibly too busy laughing their assess off.


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