Prime Minister Trudeau, doing what G7 world leaders typically do.

With the Canadian federal election around the corner, the political think tanks here at 2P News have been busy coming up with alternative campaign slogans that the main 4 parties in the running may use if they wish. They have full consent from 2P News to use them, in whole, on any marketing material related to campaigning for Canada Votes 2019.

We also believe that these slogans will help you make an informed decision come voting time, because we are here for you.

So here we go, starting with Jagmeet Singh and his New Democratic Party.


    1. Come Singh with us!
    2. Well, at least Singh is not Notley.
    3. Orange you ready for something new?
    4. New leader, same old ideas
    5. This is us, but not that show on TV

And we can’t forget about the venerable Lizzy May and her very-left-of-left Greenies.


    1. Smoke some green with the greens!
    2. Forget pipelines, we’re about pipes and lines.
    3. Canada needs a little TLC from some THC RFN
    4. A free dime-bag for all if May becomes PM
    5. Hands that touch oil must never touch mine

And of course we have Andrew Scheer… Premier Ford’s puppet… I mean apprentice… I mean Progressive Conservative counterpart at the Ontario provincial level.


    1. We stand for cultural diversity – Swiss Chalet is some of the most ethnic food around!
    2. Make tax reform great again!
    3. Public services, who really need ‘em? (Sorry healthcare and education)
    4. We support gay marriage – a gay man marrying a gay woman!
    5. Northern republicanism as its best!
    6. We may not win, but let’s keep the red bastards honest.

His reputation precedes him; his hair flows; his blue eyes glimmer; a unicorn-mounted Disney prince; a self-proclaimed feminist who staunchly supports women’s rights; the crown prince of indigenous culture and rights, all rounded out by playful socks and rolled-up sleeves… why of course, it’s incumbent Prime Minister, Justin “Pretty Boy” Trudeau and his Liberal party.


    1. Hands off terrorists and murderers, they have feelings too!
    2. Making white people the only race you can legally discriminate against.
    3. Help Trudeau continue his war on women and indigenous people.
    4. Ethics? Pffft. Do you know who I am? I’m a Trudeau, we don’t do ethics.
    5. Taking money from those who work to give to those who don’t.
    6. Had enough? Well too bad, we’re gonna win again, suckers!

So that about wraps it up. If you have some recommendations of your own to add, please do so in the comments section below. And don’t forget to support 2P News and share this article!


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