The world's first Carbon Capture Farm, located in central Alberta, near Vegreville.

Alberta is a tough market these days for small business and small business startups.  Jayson Hardrock, a Calgary thermal engineer, has applied for the first Canadian Oxygen Farming License.  With plans to create a 640 acre Oxygen Farm, Jayson is seeking green energy and securing grants from both the Kenney UCP government and the Trudeau minority Liberals to see his dream come true.

An oxygen farm is a simple concept, but requires a land base and quality science to be implemented. After a location is chosen, agricultural and biological specialists will help Hardrock choose viable trees and foliage to generate oxygen with a beautiful side benefit of capturing rogue carbon dioxide from the air and putting away in the trees.

Vehicles powered by internal or external combustion engines, electricity generated by coal, and any sort of fossil fuel is strictly prohibited on approved Carbon Farms, and therefore they require extensive manual labour which could also put more people to work. The catch to a Carbon Farm is that there is no valuable economic output. Therefore grant money and subsidies are required for the staff and operators to earn a living.  

Self-proclaimed mountain man, Jayson Hardrock

“There is no way to make a living wage saving the Earth, because using any materials or equipment for transport, construction, or maintenance ultimately requires generating more pollution. The only way to truly go neutral is to get off grid be self-sufficient. And by having a lot of trees and green on my proposed carbon farm, we’ll be able to soak up the CO2 and pump out the O2 – FORGET YOU CARBON! YOU CAN GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! My job, along with that of my friends is to make sure that nothing gets in the way of the farm doing its mandate.” – Jayson Hardrock, entrepreneur

The Premier’s office has pledged $50M for the first carbon farm, which will be located just east of Vegreville, AB within a few hundred meters of the giant Easter egg. On the heals of this pledge, the Elizabeth May plans to run for MLA in this riding, where she can oversee carbon farm development in this area if this pilot project is successful.

Elizabeth May, with the Green Party

“What the world needs is less carbon and more oxygen, and because this carbon farm concept helps on both fronts, i’m all for it. I truly believe that this farm will capture co2 right out of the air and replace it with nice, clean, breathable O2. What a nice tradeoff. And all this time I thought Albertans only cared about making money at the expense of the environment. sheesh.” – Elizabeth May, Green Party

Mr. Hardrock is honoured to operate the first Carbon Capture farm of its type in the world, right here in Alberta. “I can’t believe it! I get to live off the land, here in beautiful central Alberta, and get paid to do it through a government grant. And all I have to to is make sure that the trees are doing their job. How’s that for a little Alberta Advantage?!”