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Test your knowledge of the oil and gas industry with a very quick quiz. It has only 8 questions and should take you no more than 3 minutes. If you are a geologist, give yourself a few days to complete the quiz.


#1. An oil reservoir is like an underground ocean of oil in a massive cavern. One could swim there if so inclined.

Really, they are just like that. Ancient Egyptian mummies were known to swim in oil reservoirs as a means of preserving their bodies.

#2. What is a geologist's primary role with an exploration company?

The only thing a geologist can find is a 3-month old cookie lodged in his or her office chair.

#3. A 2 litre bottle of crude oil is worth more than a 2 litre bottle of Mountain Dew

Oil is worth considerably less than pretty much any soda on the market, even the discount stuff you get at the dollar store.

#4. There is no such title as a landwoman, but a woman can be a landman.

That’s right! Women landmen are not called landwomen but landmen. Don’t even get us started on the non-binary designations.

#5. Most people who support the oil and gas industry also support PETA, where PETA stands for

Seriously? You got this one wrong. Come on.

#6. If Justin Trudeau worked in the oil and gas industry, he would be

The correct answer is none of the above because Mr. Trudeau is hydrocarbon-phobic. I wouldn’t be able to get near the stuff.

#7. What is the name commonly given to the liquid used in drilling a well?

Seriously. It’s called mud.

#8. What is the name given to the workers who work on a drilling rig floor?

The term used to be roughnecks, but that name was offensive to some. Creampuff is a much softer and palatable name for the masses.



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