CALGARY, Alberta – Harry Chin’s career took a significant leap forward when he accepted a promotion from a Vice President’s role to a newly created position called Senior Vice President of Vice Presidents.

In his new role, Mr. Chin will have 4 Vice Presidents reporting to him, and those 4 Vice Presidents will each have 2 Junior Vice President direct reports.

One of those Junior Vice Presidents is a Vice President to himself since there is nobody beneath him in the company’s Organizational Structure. Harry will now report to 1 of the 3 Executive Vice Presidents at Calgary-based Rocktivia Resources.

These guys here at Rocktivia have treated me very well. As a side note, it turns out that until my replacement has been hired, I will also hold my former position in the interim. This means that I will hold the position of Vice President, Land, and Senior Vice President of Vice Presidents of Land, and yes, this means that I technically report to myself. But that’s just in the interim.

Rocktivia Resources stock was down a sharp 7% shortly after news of this promotion hit the streets.

Anonymous Rocktivia Resources shareholder

How many Vice Presidents does a company of 77 employees need? I own significant stock in this company and it upsets me to see that they have Vice Presidents reporting to themselves, and they are looking for even more Vice Presidents. This is bullshit.

The company’s President and CEO, Richard Gewison, who himself also happens to be a VP, plans to reorganize Rocktivia’s org chart, but is concerned that some of his senior executives will quit if they didn’t carry the VP title.


  1. Executive are always a vp-vp-vp-vp of something that mages something else! Real world!!! No lies here! Keep up the funny shit people!

  2. Dear Invivioxy,

    I am the 2nd most interesting man in the world, and arguably #1 in the handsomeness department.The fact that I have a uni-brow is irrelevant.


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