Vat of fry oil, a.k.a. ChipSlick ™ Alabama drilling fluid.

DIRKWOULD, Alabama – Chester McLeadey and Parker Joshtuonie Jr. may have jump started a revolution in the way drilling fluids are procured and distributed.  The Dirkwould locals have been buying and distributing used fryer oil from local restaurants and selling it to drilling contractors to use as wellbore stability and cleaning fluid, or basic drilling mud.

Alabama resident

Y’all was wonderin’ what we countreee boys are doin out her?  Wheel be gettin all that dang oil from the Deep’n’Fried and the Chucky Buster in Wilmot, and we been drivin all the way over to Heel and Trango Town to get the juice too.


Dem guys on them rigs out der sure be likin’ what we got, and we gonna keep em happy know what I mean?  Yessir, by God! (sic)

When the two entrepreneurs discovered the barrels of old drilling fluid they’d found near an old well could be used to deep fry critters at parties, it dawned on them that maybe fryer oil can be used as drilling fluid.   After bartering a moonshine deal to clean out fry vats and old oil bins at local restaurants, the pair began selling the oil to drilling rigs in the area as lubricating fluids and drilling mud.  It caught on when operators realized the fluid helped with directional drilling as well as kept borehole stability.  Cheaterson Energy and Robble Developments have both started to transition to using the new drilling fluid.

meeks-louis-475pxDollar for dollar, ChipSlick has all the properties we need and none we don’t. – COO Robble Development, Andrew Freemuff, holding a sample of a refined version of the ChipSlick product.

ChipSlick has huge potential, but it also has some health and safety issues that McLeadey and Joshtuonie Jr. need to work out with OH&S before it can be made available in some states and Canadian regions.  The obvious and most dangerous being overweight workers.  The use of ChipSlick creates an aroma of fried food on drilling locations, and tends to make workers overeat and gain inordinate amounts of weight.

We can’t have a bunch of lard asses working around these damn rigs.  We tried to mix it with perfume but then the guys were horny all the time and got nothing done, but we’ll get it right eventually. – Chester McLeadey

Canadian operators Bendovus Energy and Finite Resources have expressed interest in the new fluid, but are awaiting trials and OH&S approval before signing off on the revolutionary concoction.



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