A friend of mine told me that he thought, “the BC premier was hot.” My initial response was, “Are you out of your mind? How many beers have you had?” But after doing some research on the Internets, I’d have to say that I now whole-heartedly agree with him. I’m not saying that we can expect to see Mrs. Clark grace the front cover of Vogue magazine any time soon, but for a lass in her mid- to late-forties, I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed for letting one rip.

Take this first picture for example: I’m not sure when it was taken, but it appears that Christy was posing for the camera before a little joggy-joggy. There is something about the writing on her shirt that I find very intriguing. And the front of her shirt… it’s busting out like the HST did when it first hit British Columbia.


And the idea that an outfit that she wore to work a couple of years ago stirred up a debate whether or not she was showing too much cleavage, with pundits saying that she is too sexy, tells me that even Christy thinks that she is hot.

I’m sure even some ladies out there believe Christy is smoking. Look at the following photo of Christy and Alison – it looks like Alison is going in for the kill. I’m not sure exactly what happenend shortly after this photo was taken, but I’m sure it would have been much, much better if Pamela Anderson was on the right instead of Mrs. Redford. Oh yeah.


And here is further proof that Redford also thinks Clark is super hot. In the image below, the look on Redford’s face only means one thing, and I don’t need to spell it out here.

Can these two Premiers make this work?
Redford: “Ooohh, yeah…I would tax that @$$ like the Federal gubment.”

So to wrap up this opinion piece, I’d just like to know if any of you think Christy Clark is hot (all things considered). And in closing, although I’m not a huge fan of the Libs, I’d probably vote for the Liberals if I lived in BC if it meant it would get me that much closer to cute ‘ol Christy.


  1. “Tax that ass like the Feds” – classic. I knew that her cans were big, but not that big, wowzsers, that jogging photo is great. I’ll be saving that one for later.

  2. Honestly, all told, when you factor in her looks, her brains, her personality, her kindness, her charisma, and the amount of influence she carries at the provincial, federal, and international level, I honestly think she’s one of the hottest (and coolest) women on the planet.


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