CALGARY, Alberta – Reports show that residents in Calgary and surrounding areas are concerned about sudden melt water recreating last years flood disaster.

Although many challenges have been overcome in the last 12 months, there is yet to be a solid plan to completely mitigate flooding damage.  Proposals by Allison Redford to elevate neighbourhoods with hydraulics, or Nenshi’s proposed expansion of the Plus-15 skywalk system were quietly put to rest once their idiocy was exposed by 2P News late last year.

But a new idea from Driveway Creations, a Calgary-based cement contractor, is set to change the landscape of flood prevention by simply using a mud jacking process to elevate the whole city by 15-20 feet.

Gil Thurngried, Driveway Creations
Gil Thurngried, Driveway Creations

We do this all the time with driveways and sidewalks.  Why not the whole city?  I’m sure we can find big enough pumps and enough slurry to make it happen.  With Obama cancelling Keystone right away there should be no shortage of labourers either once Ft. Mac gets shut down.  Easy and safe. – Gil Thurngried, Owner of D.C.

The process would be initiated by pumping billions of tons of a slurried grout solution into every orifice and hole that can be found at surface.  This would include all storm drains, pipes, manhole covers, boreholes, parking garages and basements.  Although the estimated cost of the jacking is nearly US$4 billion, it seems like great value considering it will save the whole city.  But the caveat is the restructuring of infrastructure after the jack is completed.

Garth Dewert, P.Eng.
Garth Dewert, P.Eng.

We end up with a city that is almost 20 feet above preexisting elevation.  And while most of the pipes and services will jack right along with the houses and streets, damage to them would be unavoidable.  The input locations where slurry is to be pumped would almost all have to be replaced, and there would be massive damage to mains and sewer infrastructure.  My best guess is maybe $15 billion?  Who knows.  It has never been done. – Garth Dewert, P.Eng., City Pipe and Drain Commission

While city council has yet to look at the proposal in an official capacity, there seems to be a lot of momentum pushing the plan through any initial red tape.  If there was ever a precedent set, it very well could be the $9 million dollar plan to draw a line on a street to make bicycles safer.  When city council opens its wallet, it’s like a drunk at a 24 hour McDonald’s.  Nothing is off the menu.



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