Michael Shacalacka, a Calgarian who is fed up with low oil prices

CALGARY, Alberta – THIS JUST IN! 53 year-old Michael Shacalacka, a 7-year resident of Calgary, is tired of depressed oil prices. During an interview with 2P News, he remarked,

Michael, smugly trying to get his point across to 2P News reporter Yu Mii

“Ya know, this low oil price environment has been goin’ on far, far too long. I remember not too long ago when oil was $80 a barrel and times were pretty good in Alberta. But today, at $35 to $40, things around here pretty much suck. I worry that things will not get better if the price doesn’t start heading north.” – Michael Shacalacka, concerned Calgarian

2P News believes that there could be more Albertans who have views similar to Michael’s, save for those who support the NDP government.


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