Here's the mega-SUV driven my Winding

EDMONTON, Alberta – Staunch environmentalist, naturalist, activist, conservationist, and card carrying PETA member, Meadow Windsong, recently defended her right to drive a MegaTruck G-750 SUV, despite the negative publicity that it brings her, especially as she campaigns for a bid at leadership of the Green Party.

“Just because I am an environmental activist, it doesn’t mean that I have to ride a wooden bicycle everywhere I go. This vehicle serves my needs and the needs of my family quite well, thank you.” – Meadow Windsong, P.Env.

The MegaTruck G-750 is the largest production SUV available in North America. Powered by a 12.7 litre, V16 gasoline engine, and tipping the scales at a monstrous 19,584 lbs, the very thirsty, 27′ long G-750 behemoth slurps a mind-blowing 320 litres of fuel to travel 100 km on the highway (and 280 l/100 km combined highway and city driving).

File photo of a Meadow Windsong being arrested during an anti Keystone XL rally in British Columbia’s lower mainland in the summer of 2012.

Reports indicate that Miss Windsong drives the vehicle 120 km each way to and from her office. She also uses a remote starter to idle her vehicle for 20 minutes prior to every trip to warm the vehicle up in the winter and to cool it down in the summer. When asked about the contradictory notion of her vehicle having 12 calf leather-lined seats while she belongs to PETA, Miss Windsong goes on to say,

“The calves that the leather is made from were all very sick and they died of natural causes, so it’s okay to use their hides in this scenario – I double checked this with the President of PETA.

I wish you media would get off my back, because it could be a lot worse. I could be driving a Caterpillar 770 oilsands dumptruck with 2 idling Hummer H1s Pickups in its bed, with each of the Hummers containing 5 idling gasoline lawnmowers. Anyhow, don’t you oil and gas types want people to use up a lot of gas so that natural gas prices come back up and you make more money?!”

On an unrelated note, Miss Windsong is currently having the 5 coal-burning furnaces in her 27,000 sqft ranch serviced.


  1. I have said it many times; environmentalists should not be going after the producers. If there is continued demand for the product then people will find ways to produce it.

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