OTTAWA, Ontario – Prime Minister Pierre Justin Trusseau announced today that the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAIC) has determined that portable electric generators powered by gasoline, diesel or propane engines will be banned due their excessive emissions of air pollutants.  As automobile and truck engines have become cleaner and electric vehicles become common, further reductions in air pollution will have to come from other combustion sources.  Throughout Canada quite a few portable generators are in use in remote areas where electric utility service is not available.  Construction sites are another major user.


Tesla Powerwall Battery

The only generators to be allowed under the new rules must be powered by electric motors.  The electricity to run the motors that turn the generators must come from batteries or solar panels.  The IAIC recommends using a system such as Tesla Powerwall.  2P News confirmed that IAIC was quite serious, despite the blatant and obvious stupidity of using electricity to generate electricity. The loss in efficiency is staggering.  Furthermore, existing units will not be “grandfathered.”  Everything will have to be converted to electric-electric no later than July 1, 2021.

The impossibility of accomplishing such a conversion does not matter to Ottawa’s politicians.  Mr. Trusseau said that he got the idea from his buddy Governor Navin Gruesome of California, where institutional insanity is the norm.  Both Trusseau and Gruesome are dedicated to the destruction of the oil and gas industry and they see this as one more nail in its coffin.  Diesel electric drilling rigs will also have to convert.  It is estimated that an area equivalent to most of the Province of Saskatchewan will have to be covered in solar panels to provide enough power for everything affected by the new rules.

This used to be Saskatchewan


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