CALGARY, Alberta – Gertrude Gingerfupp has recently launched a harassment suit against several employees of Gorebrant Exploration, a junior Calgary-based PNG operator.  According to Ms. Gingerfupp’s lawyer, Mr. Rubensteinrosenberg, his client was outwardly assaulted with laughter during a meeting, and she is seeking compensation for public ridicule and well as punitive damages against her former employer.

A team meeting dealing with environmental issues apparently went sideways when discussion turned to environmental containment rings on lease locations.  Gertrude, not sure exactly what was being discussed, but wanting to participate, spoke up about how the public perception of Gorebrant would be tarnished if they proceeded with the plan to put environmental protesters inside giant containment rings on their locations, not to mention legal battles for wrongful imprisonment.

Gertrude Gingerfupp

I have never seen one, how was I supposed to know they were for containing spilled fluids and not for locking up protestors.  I had no idea what they were actually for. My first thought was that they were to store recycling waste or composting material – the term ‘environmental containment’ is vague at best!  The team laughed so hard at me, Mark was in tears, I think David spit coffee on my notebook, and Cindy had a very hard time breathing.  It wasn’t nice at all, I was just trying to be part of the discussion! – Gertrude speaking to 2P News reporters about the incident.

A very grainy image from surveillance footage of the incident, with the defendents caught on tape laughing hysterically

While there has been no comment from any of the accused, legal council for Gorebrant has admitted they face an uphill battle, and that every case dealing with harassment and emotional assault have to be handled with kid gloves.

Gorebrant lead lawyer

We have to be very very careful here, or Ms. Gingerfupp ends up the winner.  Nobody called her stupid or dumb or slow.  They laughed a little to loud, that’s all.  We understand that there were other challenges facing Gingerfupp in the office, and that she had quite a bit of trouble with the coffee machine, the elevator key pads, and occasionally the magnetic doors locks. And fortunate for Gorebrant Exploration, the grainy surveillance video does not contain audio, so it is impossible to know why my clients were doubled over with laughter. – Kent Harve, ADALGT, Gorebrant Ex.

The lawsuit is expected to be settled within a few weeks.  Although Gorebrant assumes no guilt in the situation, they are willing to negotiate with Gingerfupp’s attorney to find a middle ground and walk away from the incident without much fanfare.


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