CALGARY, Alberta – The Calgary Stampede is known for many great things.  Huge, superstar-filled mega parties, the best rodeo in the world, a massive exhibition of rides and games of chance, and infidelity.

Shucky & Ligstrom Legal Services in Calgary has been keeping track of divorce filings over the last 10 years.  When they plugged the data into software they developed, the conclusions were staggering.

Ricky Ligstrom, Divorce Lawyer
Ricky Ligstrom, Divorce Lawyer

We take the timing of a divorce, the reason for the divorce, the volume of divorces over a given region, and the partner filing for the divorce, then plug that and a little more data into Divorce Navigator.  Div Nav then plots out any number of reports we ask it to, and the results we saw earlier this year indicate that divorce rates jump by 125% during, and in the 5 weeks following Stampede.  We took this data, and decided to open the Doggy Day Divorce Kiosk on the Stampede grounds.  We open Friday and run through Sunday for the finale of the Stampede. – Ricky Ligstrom, Divorce Lawyer

The Doggy Day Divorce kiosk offers on the spot divorce filing for infidelity occurring during the Stampede.  Husbands or wives can stop in, sign some quick paper work, pay the $2500 fee, and within 7-10 business days their divorces are complete.  All remaining assets, homes, estates, etc will be settled by S&L within the following 90 days.  With the average price of a typical divorce running well into the tens of thousands and dragging out for years, it would seem that S&L have stumbled onto a novel idea.

John Yaratero, CEO Big Johnson Drilling
John Yaratero, CEO Big Johnson Drilling

Being divorced 4 times myself, and 3 of them due to stampede flings with buckle bunnies at Nashwood North, I can honestly say a cheaper, faster alternative is a good idea.  If they keep their focus to Stampede related cheating, it should fly fairly well.  If people try to get in for other more complex reasons it might drag out and become less profitable.  – John Yaratero, CEO Big Johnson Drilling

The booth will be open for the last 3 days of the Stampede and will feature 5 rooms, each equipped with a certified legal technician to walk you through the paperwork.

Located in a central spot near the main attraction tents and concert venues, it should be easy to find for furious walkouts who catch their plaid attired half-a-man sucking on a nearly naked Lammles Lollipop.

All forms of payment are being accepted at the kiosk, including trades of sports cars and wedding rings.


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