Screen grab from secret paper water box testing being conducted by Liberal government

OTTAWA, Ontario -THIS JUST IN! A product-testing video leaked early this morning reveals a federally-funded program to develop a cardboard water box as the Liberals move to ban single-use plastics in Canada as soon as 2021.

When asked by the media earlier this week, how his family cuts back on single-use plastics the prime minister replied in a typically straightforward and clear manner.

[Editor’s note: We really wish we could have made this up, but we didn’t. This is actual footage of the Canadian prime minister when he was asked a very simple question. 2P’s HR department has requested resumes from the PMO for JT’s post election employment. We’re having a hard time finding somebody to fill the position of Manager of Incoherent Bumbling, and we think he would be perfect.]

The grainy, 28-second long video reveals little more than a few engineers and designers testing the latest iteration of the box, dubbed the Trudeau Water Box V2.4d. Much like the idea, the box does not hold water. It is abundantly clear, however, that Justin Trudeau has a vested personal interest in the project, as he is mentioned by name near the close of the recording.

While details are not definitive yet, 2P News has learned that the project is part of a $2M federal grant to SNC and Bombardier to develop the plastic-free container. When a spokesperson from SNC was approached about this video, he magically disappeared after dropping a device that appeared to be a smoke bomb.


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