File photo. James "Kamala" Harris

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – James “Kamala the Ugandan Giant” Harris passed away from effects of the COVID-19 virus on August 9, 2020.  Mr. Harris was a professional wrestler who had a long and colourful career all over the United States and world.  At 2 meters tall and weighing 172 kilograms, he struck quite a figure with his quasi-African make-up, spear and shield and “headhunter” persona.  He fought many wrestling legends, including Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

Despite the tragic loss of his life, Mr. Harris has been nominated to run for Vice President of the U. S. at the Democratic National Convention.  It appears that the Democrats used a female stand-in for Mr. Harris to accept the nomination and deliver an acceptance speech.  How this will affect the Biden campaign in the future is unclear.

Trump Campaign Spokesman

The Trump campaign immediately seized upon this event as evidence that Uganda is attempting to interfere with the upcoming election in November and tilt it towards the Democrats.  At a hastily called press conference, a spokesman for Mr. Trump’s campaign said,

“Uganda’s in Africa, right?  That’s where Obama was born so it stands to reason that they’re trying to get another Ugandan elected.”

When reminded that former President Obama’s paternal family is from Kenya and not Uganda, he added, “Kenya, Schmenya, they all look alike.”

When contacted by 2P News for a statement, a spokesman for former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for President, said, “Do you idiots actually think that Senator Harris is the same person as a professional wrestler?  Just how much weed are you smoking and how much booze are you drinking to come to that conclusion?”

That fact that the spokesman answered our questions with questions shows that he is being evasive and not willing to tell the truth.  2P News will continue to pursue this story until the truth is known or we get tired of it.


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